Friday, December 24, 2010


The girlfriends team and a few of our friends visited the red cross orphanage on the 20th, to hang with the children. We decided to share our experiences with y'all!

                                                                  Liz's Experience
Being with the children at the red cross orphanage was a great experience. There were so many beautiful children, and what surprised me the most was how they called every single person (including me) "mummy". It was so sad to see that, despite their beauty, they were either abandoned or given away by their biological parents. Many of them are still looking for ways to feel the void their parents left. Some of them do so by clinging to the closest vistor and asking to be carried. One of the little girls that I really enjoyed spending time with, was a beautiful girl named Tawa, who was 4 years old. Tawa, just like most of us, is looking for love, warmth and acceptance, and so I was able to connect with her. She kept holding on to me and refused to let go even when I had to leave, I told her i'd come back to visit her (and i really hope i keep my word). I realised that these children don't just need the seasonal gifts we all give them, but they need love, attention and our time. Unfortunately, the number of children at orphanages increase everyday and with a few care-takers available, it's very difficult for the children to get all the attention they need. So it's important for us to give not just our money, but our time to these children; and not just at christmas but at anytime of the year. If you do so, you just might make them smile, even if it's only for a while. Remember, a child out there needs you, even when you don't think so!

                             A motherless baby’s mind
Where did I come from? why am  I here?
Where is my mother? Why doesn’t she want me near?
Did I ask to be born?
So why did she treat me with scorn?
Who are these others?
Where are their mothers?
Will anyone ever want me?
Is this where I will forever be?
Who are these women who care for me?
To God the glory be,
To think that I am not totally abandoned,
To think that my life could be pardoned,
I am grateful to those who clothe me,
Feed me, teach me, pray for me,
And come to show me love,
Their reward is definitely above.

Jacquie’s thoughts
There are so many things a girl wants for Christmas, shoes, bags, clothes and jewelry, but  I realized that  the clothes clothe an already clothed body, the shoes and bags just join a colourful collection and the jewelry adorn an already accessorized body!
There’s so much more to Christmas!. It is true that new things are bought during this period but that shouldn’t be the focus, our eyes should be set on the things that are free especially LOVE. This is a time to show love by works, words and action, to the poor, the sick, the prisoners, and the motherless.
I really thought the visit to the motherless babies home was a good Idea because it’s really hard to go through life without a mother; to never have heard your mothers lullaby, to look around and see no one you look like, to
share attention with so many other children, all these and more made the visit to the motherless babies very necessary, they need love, attention, food and clothes, they need people to show they care and that we want them and love them, just people to be like parents.
Sometimes just sending things is not enough they want that warm hug. I really loved the fact that we could give them that warm refreshing hug, we could sing songs to them and we could tell them stories. Even though it was short it was worth it to share love and also for us to be grateful for our  parents and appreciate them better.

- We hope that you can visit an orphanage near you, you'd be amazed by the world of difference you can make in people's lives. Happy holidays and God bless y'all!:-)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Makeup tips from Nonnie the Makeup @rtist!

Makeup is a powerful tool that has been used to empower individuals since its creation which  dates back to 500BC. It becomes a part of every woman’s life from the age of 18 with the use of colourless lip glosses to foundations/concealers. My job here is to assist you beautiful ladies with the application which is considered the most important bit and I would do so by giving weekly make up tips

#Eye make up
“The eye is the jewel of the body” and should be paid most attention to. Gone are the days beauty experts advised against colour. I for one believe that with the right colours to match your skin tone and outfit you’ll look fab trust me

#Lip makeup
For fuller looking lips use a lip liner to outline lips preferably light/dark brown or purple (NEVER BLACK!!!) and a shade of  lip gloss best fitting the lip liner. For people with full lips try not to put too much colour as this would attract more attention to your lips than anything else and may be rather distracting. Subtle glosses are recommended.

#Face makeup
If you don’t know what shade of foundation or powder  fits your complexion/skin type get some assistance from a beauty expert and always blend  into hair line and jaw line in a horizontal movement and not circular to avoid white lines in photos.

I Recently bought this sleek acid eye shadow palette  friends think I am weird for doing so but I think its  absolutely gorge. I recommend u try it! Till next week stay glam!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Have you heard...

‘Nkem can you imagine, Bukky is pregnant!’ ‘really’ I said, then next thing she begged me ‘please don’t tell anybody, please!’ those words went in through one ear and went out through the other, I thought ‘Funke knows me well, how can she possibly tell me such sweet gist and expect me not to share, and besides Bukky is annoying!’.The thing is it was always a pleasure for me to share gist, in the world of gist, I was the queen, the judge, the executive, I was the director all the actors came alive because of me, it was always an amazing thing, I always saw the faces of my listeners light up! I just said bad things about other people not them so they felt better about themselves as they judged others!.

 Today’s gist was sweet, I had to share, I just had to share, I told a few people, including; Gbenga, Edward, Simi, Toke ,Temi, Emeka... just to mention a few, if care was not taking I could have told Bukky! at least I told them not to tell anyone else, I tried!. Everything was good and I felt they were all happy with me until Funke came to me and said ‘I can’t believe it, you failed the test, I never believed Bukky when she used to say it was you who told everyone all they knew about me’ I felt so bad I tried to beg her but it was no use, I couldn’t believe I fell for that trick now no one will supply gist again, no one even trusts me anymore, in fact I really made a mistake, I did it mainly for the attention, I think the best thing is ‘if you have nothing good to say, then don’t say ANYTHING at all’

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Doyinsola Ogunye was born on November 26th, 1987 to the family of Dr Olu and Barr. Rhoda Ogunye in Lagos, Nigeria. She, however, hails from Ondo Town of Ondo State. Doyinsola is also an alumnus of the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria.

To most people Doyinsola Ogunye would most readily be associated with an NGO she established in 2009 to cater for the upbringing of future Nigerian leaders. Her NGO called Kids’ Clean Club, has been her life and source of livelihood since its inception for almost a year now. As an undergraduate at the period of Kids’ Clean Club’s creation, Doyinsola thrived on this solo crusade which she had always had in her old scrap book since November, 2007. And with the support from friends, family and well-wishers, and her goal setting skills and determination to cause a noteworthy change in the Nigerian status quo, she has no doubt broken pristine grounds in her generation.

The Kids’ Clean Club in its few months of existence delved into diverse projects which saw to the construction of Africa’s first ever Kids’ Garden, here in Lagos, Nigeria. The Kid’s Garden (TKG), an haven where children from any and every background within its vicinity and far away come after school hours and on weekends to experience and learn under well-structured tutorials on socio-cultural values, health issues and environmental concerns, while having fun. In addition, Kid’s Clean Club has also adopted a few public spaces and centres which it beautifies and maintains. Furthermore, she has also commemorated alongside other world organisations in observing Special Days like The Global Hand-washing Day, Global Warming Day, Tree Planting Day, Climate Change summits and conferences.

Doyinsola Ogunye would have in the last few months been permitted by anyone to give up on her passion for a better Nigeria and Nigerians, because of the financial, social, environmental and psychological challenges she was often than not exposed to. But her thriving and incomparable love for her motherland exceeds all other obsession she might have. She is someone who has turned a fallow and refuse-infested piece of land, into an admirable and graceful Kids’ Garden. She is a lover of children, an environmental and human rights activist, a respecter of her fellow man with the fear of God.
Doyinsola Ogunye has her future well stated for her NGO – she foresees the construction of 57 gardens in Lagos, from which an expansion would take place; meaning that even in one local government area, we might have over 20 kids’ gardens. After which Lagos will be left for other states in the country like Ondo, Port-Harcourt, Abuja, Kwara, and etc. Then in no time countries outside Nigeria like Ghana, Togo, South Africa, Canada would get involved.
When asked to describe herself, these are her own words, “Energetic, daring, fun-loving, emotional, passionate and Tenacious ”.
Delving into every nock and cranny of Doyinsola Ogunye would be like taking up a herculean task, but history will justify the fact that, she lives the life and fulfils the dreams of ‘our heroes past’.