Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Maju should be on your mind!!!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010


They say the highpoint of beauty is at age 16. Well, I don't doubt that, it's absolutely true that the skin is most radiant in the youthful years of a woman's life. Not to say that middle aged women don't look radiant but in order to have fabulous skin even way above your teenage years, it's important to take care of your skin now. This is why we've decided to give you quick and useful tips for a great skin!

TIP #1 on our list is to drink lots of WATER... this is very important, as water rejuvenates and replenishes the body. It's important to have more than 8 glasses of water everyday. Occasional sodas won't harm you, everyone loves a lil' sugar, no doubt, but no drink can ever be substituted for water.

TIP #2 DO NOT sleep with make-up on your face...this can clog the pores of your skin. It is essential to take off your make-up before you sleep at night. Always use your make-up removing wipes first before washing your face.

TIP #3 EXFOLIATE!!!! In order for your skin to breathe and also to remove the excess oil in your skin, use a good exfoliating facial scrub! A good choice is the deep exfoliating scrub from the clean and clear range of products. Other good ones are dermalogica and queen helena facial scrubs.
A few people use more traditional methods like a mixture of sugar and milk (btw, sugar's a scrub!). However, I'd advice that you use products that have been made/tested to suit your skin type.

TIP #4 Use good soaps, body creams and oils that suit your skin type, whether it's oily, dry, sensitive or normal. Some people prefer to use more natural products like the Natural Saturdays body butter, which keeps the skin looking natural, healthy and flawless.
Always stick to a particular soap and body cream that works for you. Find out what works for you!

TIP #5 Visit your dermatologist! Some people have more complex skin problems such as acne that they can't deal with on their own. If that's your situation, don't panic! A good dermatologist can help you find your way to a better skin. With the right skin products and vitamins, it's possible to get rid of the acne or whatever it is and have a fresh and healthy skin, trust me; I've seen it happen before!

With these 5 quick tips it's also important that you REST, try not to stress yourself... We hope you've enjoyed our quick tips to a healthier and more radiant skin!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

From Temilola's Journal

It was the perfect weather outside, the sun shone brightly, but the wind refused to give way to the heat of July. Inside, the room got cooler by the minute and the music was nice too; he knew how to set the mood.
The lyrics of the song echoed through the speakers, not too loud but just right "...wanna put my fingers through your hair......". I smiled at the thought of him doing that to me, I wished!
He started talking and I was lost in thought as his cute lips moved up and down. He knew I was staring and I always had a way of embarrasing myself. Fortunately for me, he read my stares to mean boredom, or so I thought!
With the touch of his ipod I was completely away, this time the lyrics sank deeper "...cos I can't breathe when you talk to me, I can't breathe when you're touching me...."
Music always had a way of getting to me; I guess he knew, I was a helpless romantic. Another stare and he asked if I wanted ice cream, this time my stare meant hunger to him, or so I thought!
We sat up on his comfy bed eating Ben&Jerry's vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough, my favourite. I can't remember what it was that excited me more, the ice cream or the fact that I was sitting so close to him. My excitement escalated by far when he dropped a spoonful of the cookie dough ice cream in my mouth. I giggled like a five year old would at the sight of a truck load of candy; and with uttermost pleasure, I fed him back. He Playfully licked my hand and some of the ice cream landed on his t-shirt; he immediately splashed some on my pink and navy flowery dress. I gasped and then decided to retaliate. Our play-fight lasted for about five minutes, by then our clothes were soiled with the rest of the ice cream.
He generously handed me a t-shirt from his closet so my dress could dry off close to the air condition. He left the room so i could change into his white t-shirt that seemed like a dress on my delicate silohuette. After a few minutes, he walked back in with a clean t-shirt and a huge smile on his face. I started to smile as well, he always had that effect on me.
The music kept playing with the lyrics of each song sinking deeper and setting the mood for relaxtion. We sat down on his bed once again and jokingly argued about who had started the ice cream fight. The argument ended when he complimented me on looking so hot in his white tee.
I don't remember ever smiling that much before; he knew how to make me smile. Before I could even say thank you, he kissed me so passionately. I literally could n't move, I was helpless! I was too happy but I could n't smile, he would n't let me; he was that good a kisser and I refused to pull back. We Continued and before I knew it his whole body landed on top of me. A sudden feeling of fear mixed with tremendous excitement overwhelmed me. I hestitated a bit but chose to ignore my fear. This was it, a chance to have fun and enjoy what everybody else had been talking about. I had never felt it before but "all my years of watching those music videos would finally pay off", I thought to myself. So I gave it my best shot. I worked with him to give me "the best time of my life".
A flash of my parent's reputation came to my mind, I brushed it aside. I thought about all I had to lose, again, I brushed it aside.
Besides, it was too late, we had taken off our clothes already. I looked at him, he was lost in our action; there was no point bringing him back to reality, "he would hate me for that", I thought to myself.
Soon enough, all my worries faded away, I was living for the moment and forgetting there would be a future. By the time it was all over, my face was drenched in tears. It was great, but for some reason the tears could not stop flowing.
"Temilola, it's time to face reality", I thought to myself.
I got up hurriedly and wrapped a blanket around my body, in no time I was back into my flowery dress. I looked at him and he appeared different, the cute smile was gone and what was left was a mean frown. His gaze made me know he wanted me out of his house; he couldn't stand my unending tears.
What happened to the guy that was enjoying every bit of my presence. I suddenly felt disgusted by him. I knew there would be consequences, but I was blinded by the warmth of his body and what seemed to be the expression of his love for me.
One more look at him and I was out the door, this was a burden I would have to bear alone. He wanted no part in it; I could see it in his eyes and that mean frown.