Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beauty Secrets from BeYOUtiful.

 1. True picture behind picture perfect
Many girls wish they looked like celebrities on TV but the reality is that even those celebrities don’t look like that, a lot of make-up, lighting, editing come together to  create the faces we see on TV and Magazines. TV isn’t real. The writer of BeYoutiful-an ex-beauty pageant winner- writes out a list of all she was expected to do to look good; just to appear in a magazine, even if she wasn’t the cover girl!

     2.   Let your inner beauty shine from inside out
Every girl should know she is made up of her body, mind, choices, character, and values.
No matter what happens in life always remember that treating your body badly affects how you see yourself, it affects your mind set. Also your bad character affects your choices, but nothing can change your value. We are always like diamonds no matter what we have gone through or what we have experienced. If a diamond is being trampled on and thrown into the waste bin, it will always remain a diamond. So no matter what we have been through we just need to dust ourselves up to shine!. We are always priceless and should never feel or think less of ourselves.
Also remember that when you appreciate the beauty in others your beauty comes out!

     3.   Give yourself a confidence make-over with your ABC.
Always Be Confident! Think, feel then act confident even when you do not think so, act confident and you will begin to feel and think confidently!

     4.   Model a fashionable sense of self respect!
 Dress how you will like to be addressed. When you are confident about yourself you do not need to over dress. Some outfits either say ‘just an object’, ‘respect me’ or ‘I am beautiful’. Always keep the three B’s to yourself, keep your Victoria’s secret secret!

      5.   Accessorize your self esteem
 Get high heels to crush haters, or shades to block them off, something you feel good in!

      6.   Apply your ‘true- to- you foundation’
 Do not ever change for anyone except your changing to be better!

      7.   Remember that real models are role models!
 Do you really want to be looked up to, or looked at? It is always better to make a positive impact in your environment!

Source: BeYOUtiful, Julie Marie Carrier