Saturday, August 27, 2011

A few thoughts on being a Christian.... Written by Abiola.

In a world where it is unfashionable to believe in and love God, it is sometimes hard to be different. Being different means choosing an option that is seemingly less attractive or rewarding, or being ridiculed by others for being too pious; it may also result in outright opposition in response to views and actions that may be regarded as deluded or outdated. Professing Christianity in its truest form may actually be one of the hardest things to do in this day and age in our so-called enlightened society, in our culture where the human being is most esteemed in spite of his obvious past and present failings. I personally have made up my mind to walk with God. I will be the first person to tell you that this walk has had a flawed past and I am not confident enough to say that history will not repeat itself. This makes me despair sometimes and I think, what is the point? Surely, a God who is perfect and who wants us, and has even told us to be holy like him should make it easier for us to do so. So why do I keep falling short and doing wrong? Pride tends to be one of the big culprits bringing me to this state of mind, and indeed is behind a lot of the reasons why I return to this position time after time. And thoughtful reflection brings me back to the same conclusion. God is holy. I was a sinner and I have been saved by grace. God is not the reason I am like this, my own sinful nature is and it is He who is actually responsible for all the good in my life. He totally, wholly and faithfully loves me for who I am and guilt is not one of the things he gives to me. In remembering this, I can move on from this stage grateful for what I have in Him and ready to receive the next thing life has in store for me.

However, my flaws sometimes leave me feeling incapable. Not smart enough, not polished enough, not knowledgeable enough, and the list goes on. This can lead me to a state of inertia, incapable of doing anything because I am too frightened of the result. Past experiences scare me and future predictions scare me. It is not easy. Our society also, though generally tolerant, ridicules our beliefs and values and may make us question ourselves. I believe in a God but am I right to be so steadfast? Am I right to set standards for myself so high? Am I right to be so faithful to my beliefs for if I am wrong, will I have missed out on the ‘highlights’ of the alternative?

I ask myself these questions very often it seems, for whatever reason. I used to look at them as a burden but I am beginning to change my mind about them. For these questions make me reconsider what it is that makes God and His son Jesus so popular even today where it seems as if the odds are stacked against them. He has proved Himself to be true and faithful. We must not confuse God and His people, ever. They are family but they are not the same. His people are still capable of doing wicked things, for they are still in the flesh. Remembering this will help the world understand that the evil deeds of man (especially religious men) are not reflection of who He is. These questions help me recall who it is that still stirs the world and minds, great and small, even today. They remind me and convince me again that belief in him is better than non-belief in Him, give me that anytime. As I love Him, I want to be like Him and please Him and I must therefore align my thoughts and actions accordingly. The alternative, well, it is not so appetizing when you really stop and look past all the glamour and splendour with which it advertises itself. For beyond it tends to be a mixture of ugliness, pain and surprisingly, uncertainty that they might be getting it horrifically wrong.

And that is why I choose God. Well part of it anyway. Jesus says He is the way and the truth and the life and He came to save us and that He loves us. That is all I need to hear, living in a world that seems to have very little hope.


Ladies!!! It’s very important that you always have it together, not only for your personal hygiene but also because it could earn you extra points! ;)  We came up with a list of essentials that we think every girl should have in her bag. So whether it’s a tote or a hobo, make sure you stuff it all in! J
1) Wallet: A wallet is designed to hold all your important details. It should have everything from ATM cards, membership cards/ Ids, and of course, cash! $_$ LOL!
2) Lip balm/ lip gloss: This is soooo necessary especially for some of us that have lip allergies or chapped lips cause of extreme heat or cold. We recommend Vaseline for you! (Look out for those with Spf-15).
3) Facial wipes: Take away oil and dirt from your face after a long and sunny day!
4) Body Spray/ Perfume: Death to body odor!!! J
5) Breath Mints/ Gum: We all know that bad breath is a turn off, so stuff your bag with loads of chewing gum and mints.
6) Make-up bag: Powder, eye shadow, eyeliner and others should be in your make-up bag just in case you need to touch up that gorgeous face. ;)

7) I pod/ mp3 player (optional): if you’re a lover of entertainment, this would really help especially on car rides, train rides and long flights.
8) Sunglasses: We know its function!
9) Pen and notepad: For those days when you feel inspired or for school and work!
10) Snack/ Energy Bar: Yummm!!!… Always having something to snack on would keep you bubbly.
11) Keys: It’s important to carry only the keys you need and it’s always advisable to have the spare tucked away nicely just in case.
12) Cell Phone: Most Definitely!
13) Hand Sanitizer: This is sooo important because germs are everywhere, even where you least expect (ATM machines, door handles, laptops etc).
14) Hand Lotion: Keeps your hand moist and soft.
15) Feminine Hygiene Products: Sanitary pads and genital spray are so necessary, especially when it’s that time of the month.
16) Pepper Spray: if you’re ever in danger, you’ll need to pull out your pepper spray, but more importantly, run really fast and pray to God that you don’t get hurt! J

Stay Fab Guys! xx

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sibling Trouble

I thought my life was bad because everyone around me seemed to always make me go mad,   especially because I am the eldest girl in the midst of four annoying and lazy boys. I do all the house work and I never get a ‘thank you’, instead I get bossed around by my mum and I clean up the mess my brothers make. After all the work I sit down to watch TV and I can’t even enjoy it because my brothers start yelling till I change the channel for them to watch their stupid match which never ends…and at night I just spend it planning my escape.

For a while I have been in pain and I thought every other person around me was okay, till this afternoon.
I could not take it anymore and I started complaining to my friends, Cassandra and Derin.

Cassandra has been my friend for a while and all we talk about is her brother Andrew.
You see Cassandra is someone who looks happy but bears a lot, and today was the day I finally understood how she felt. she spent the afternoon complaining about her brother and how he always takes her friends away from her (I mean up till today, she hasn’t introduced me to him). She says she has no real friends and everyone wants to be her friend because she has a very cute brother, did I say cute?, I mean HOT brother! At first I thought it was nothing compared to my case, until I realised that to her, it's really a big deal because she even feels ignored by her parents too. She said her brother has been receiving awards since he was born and she just hates herself sometimes when she looks at him.

I thought only brothers were difficult to live with until Derin started telling us her own story.

Derin has five sisters and she feels like the ‘ugly duckling’ among them. She says she never gets attention. Infact, she said that one day she was with her twin sister and a guy walked up to them and said he wanted to talk to her sister and even referred to her as the maid. She also said that most guys she likes always end up losing interest in her when they see her twin sister.
It was getting too frustrating because we spent hours just talking about our issues without trying to solve the problem, so I decided to think of a solution so we could all be happy.

While I was caught up in my thoughts, I realised that some of our parents or sisters may have a hand in our issues, but we are in control of the situation and also how we see ourselves. I realised that I was not being neglected at all, in fact my mum always gives me special attention as the first girl and I enjoy a lot of privileges.

In Cassandra’s case, she didn’t have so many friends because she was always complaining, maybe if she didn't complain so much her friends wouldn’t leave her, no matter how HOT her brother is.

Derin is  actually a beautiful girl but she lacks confidence and grooming. she probably wouldn't have been referred to as a maid if she were well-dressed. A lot of people say that women who get attention are not just pretty but very confident and I feel that is all Derin needs! There you have it, problem solved! Our families are not perfect but good enough, worse things could happen. I guess most of the problems were just due to a lack of understanding of ourselves and our siblings.