Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Careers- Interview with the CEO of Francoise Make-overs

     1)   Tell us a bit about your background?
My name is Oyindamola Jaiyesimi. I am a middle child. I am a lawyer, member of the Nigerian Bar Association. I also hold an MSc in Human Resource Management and Business and I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), UK.  I believe education is key!

I am a professional Makeup Artist with a diploma in Make-up. I am also a professional beauty therapist having obtained a diploma in Beauty Therapy too.

   2)   Tell us a bit about Françoise Makeovers?

Françoise Makeovers is a total beauty and make-up outfit. We at Françoise Makeovers believe that makeup is meant to be beautiful, and beautiful makeup is all about the colours you use and where you place them. Makeup should always be used to enhance your best features and NEVER to disguise you. Every face has its unique features and the sooner you discover and celebrate yours, the happier and more confident you will be! We love to have fun with what we do, so we like keep our service packages fun!

Our packages include Bridal Beauty, Lights. Camera. Pout (photo-shoots), Red carpet ready (special events), One-on-One Makeup Lesson... with Love from Françoise, How to Make up like a pro… with Love from Françoise, Colour Me Beautiful…with Love from Françoise (makeup parties, bridal showers and every other reason to get glammed up!)

3)   When did you decide to create Françoise Makeovers?

I started Françoise Makeovers in 2008 after I obtained my diploma in Makeup from the Beauty Academy, UK.

4)   Why should women get their makeovers done by Françoise Makeovers?

At Françoise makeovers, we truly believe in every woman’s unique beauty and we always work to enhance her best features. We provide a 100% quality service assurance as we are totally dedicated to meeting the varied needs of every individual/client. Also, at Françoise Makeovers, we get down to knowing the individual, their personality, likes and dislikes; so our clients get a truly personalised service.

5)   Are you involved in any other business?

Yes. I am a Management Consultant with one of the “Big Four” accounting firms in Nigeria. I also sit on the Board of Trustees of two non-government organisations in Nigeria.

6)   What challenges do you face as a young female entrepreneur?

My biggest challenge is time. Most times I am juggling a lot of different areas of my life and don’t get to put as much time into my business as I would love to.

7)   What inspires you?

All my inspiration comes from God. He is the sole source of my strength. In him I live, move and have my being.

8)   Entrepreneurs that are your role models...

Iman. She has created one of the most amazing skin care and cosmetics line for women of colour which I aspire to achieve.

9)   Your Philosophy…….

”In all things give thanks to God…”

10)   Where do you see your business & yourself in the next few years?

 I see a well recognised beauty and makeup brand. I pray to someday own my own spa, wellness and beauty centre. I am working very hard at making my dream come true! 

11)   Your advice to girls who are aspiring entrepreneurs….

I always say whatever you do, do it with all your heart!  Just keep going for it, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day!