Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Young, Beautiful and Fabulous (YBF) ;-)

I tossed and turned from side to side on my small but warm bed till I heard a big bang, BOOM!! I opened my eyes, squinting from the early morning drowsiness and the light illuminating from the mustard coloured curtains in my dark room. I looked down on the ground to see what I had knocked down. I guessed right, it was my alarm clock by my bedside table. I picked it up and looked at the time still squinting, "What?!" I yelled. I must have been carried away by the cold weather, it had rained last night and the atmosphere had a calmness to it.
"9a.m, already?!" I thought " Oh no, I have very little time to get ready!"
Immediately, I rushed to the bathroom and sleepily brushed my teeth and splashed warm water on my face. Before I knew it I was fully awake. I jumped into the bath tub and in about 20 minutes I was done. I sliped on my underwear and then my bath robe.
"Now what is it going to be?" I said out loud, looking at my closet. My bestfriend's birthday lunch was in a few hours and I was unable to get a dress from any store because they were all out of my size. I remembered how I had been whining and yelling at all the store attendants about not having a size 6 dress in their store. "I wish I was n't so skinny!" I sighed. "Thanks to my skinny body i'd have to wear something I've worn before" I thought, shaking my head.
I pushed all the clothes one after the other looking at them in anger. After few minutes of deliberation, I picked up a bright red baby doll dress that I wore to my cousins wedding a few months ago. I was just about to try it on when I saw the label "size 4? Great!" "So I was yelling about them not having a size 6, when I'm actually a size 4?" I yelled. It's almost impossible to find a size 4 in a Nigerian store, most of the dresses were for the "big ladies". "Fullness is the symbol of an African woman", my grandma would always say. She always called me "oyibo"(white) when I repudiated her view of Africanness to be fullness or what I always called fatness!
My thoughts came back to the urgent need for a dress for vanessa's birthday lunch. I tried on the red dress and it fitted perfectly, clearly I had not put on any weight since my cousin's wedding, "shame!" I said to myself. I looked at myself on the full mirror infront of my closet; turning around repeatedly I observed all angles of my body, "hmmm!" I sighed.
I tried as much as possible to see the faults, I felt that if I stared at the mirror long enough it would tell me that I was n't the fairest of them all. So I waited patiently, but nothing changed. "This is me, this is how I've been, it may not be perfect, but it's my body, I have to love it!" I thought.
At that moment I felt free, I packed my hair into a cute bun, a little lip gloss, mascara, eye shadow and my signature black eye liner. I threw my four string pearlscent necklace around my neck, put on my heels and I was ready to go. "One more thing" I thought, I looked in the mirror once again, spun myself around and shouted "I'm young, beautiful and fab-u-lous!! YBF, baby!!!"