Monday, December 26, 2011

My Experience at Vigilant Heart...


This Christmas the Girlfriends Team decided to do something special for orphans at Vigilant Heart Charitable Society and I was so excited about it, even if I knew it would be very hectic for us.
We chose the Vigilant heart because it comprises of orphans from ages 0-21 and we decided giving out old clothes would be more attainable because as ladies we change clothes so often, giving our unused or old clothes was a good idea even though other donations were also accepted.
Preparing and gathering clothes was a bit hectic and not so many people brought clothes forward, most people had prior engagements or were out of town. I would like such people to know that even if they could not be with us on that day they, can find time this period to touch a life and make someone out there feel the Christmas spirit, you can still feed someone, visit the sick, visit prisoners, the old people’s homes and do anything that can touch lives this season.
I met with the owner of Vigilant Heart and hearing her speak about how she sees the children as her own children, how she pays their school fees and buys them clothes, almost made me cry.
She spoke about how they organise workshops and seminars for mothers; advising them to take care of their children, and how they invite other less privileged children the around the area for classes to learn to read and write. She also spoke about the project being her calling and she said she wants to do what people like Mother Theresa did. She has a family of her own and it is so amazing how she has adopted so many other people. Her belief is that God will not give her a mission He cannot support her through; she explained that sometimes she has idea where the food will come from, but still she always finds a way to properly feed and clothe the children.

The mission of Vigilant Heart is ‘’to create a safe and caring environment for the comprehensive development of orphans, abandoned and needy children, as well as work on projects that will protect children against numerous vicissitudes in the society’’. 

Many of the children I saw were quite young. I realized the smaller children, teenagers, and adults were not all in the same location. Although, a few of the adults that Vigilant Heart had supported in their younger years were on location to assist the children.

I spoke with the children for a while and I can remember one of the boys telling me that his favourite subject was maths and how he would like to be a lawyer in the future. I felt so touched, it made me realize that some people would be unable to achieve their dreams if they are not supported.
We sang some Christmas carols with the children and then we left. It was really a touching experience.
Many people believe that because Vigilant Heart is located at Lekki they have lots of donations. However, they still need a lot of support because people don’t visit often and most of the donations are seasonal. We have to realize that the books, old clothes and excess food that we throw away mean a lot to people out there. Anytime is a good time to help someone!
We should develop a mind-set that always has the other person in mind especially in this period that is all about spreading the love of Christ.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wearing the same thing in different ways

Hey! Do you know you can wear the same thing in different ways? A dress as a skirt, a skirt as a top! It’s fun!!!
I saw an article on it and I just had to try it.
 On a day when you have no idea what to wear and you want a new look try this
First of all you get a knee length baby doll skirt and some safety pins and a ribbons

                                           The first look is what I will like to call ‘the doll’

Here you just wear the baby doll skirt as a normal skirt with a top
                                                           The next look is the ‘rock doll’

Here you wear a jacket over a top, some ‘rockstar’ jewellery and fedora

The next look is the tricky one here you wear the skirt as a top with butterfly hands, a one-arm top and just have fun with it!(this is where the pins will be needed)

  Here we have a baby doll skirt as a top with a ribbon in a stylish way

You should try this sometime if you want to dare to look different in the same way!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Event Invitation: Clothe Someone with the Girlfriends Team this Christmas!

Hey Guys! You are all officially invited to ‘Clothe Someone with the Girlfriends Team this Christmas’ at Vigilant Heart, Lekki Lagos, on Wednesday, 21st December 2011 from 1:00pm-3:00pm.
We would be spending time with the kids/teens and giving out all the donations. We need your support; please come with your donations (clothes, shoes, bags, toys and bedspreads) that are not useful to you anymore, but are still in GOOD condition. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Our girlfriend of the month is Imoh Iniakpaniko, the president of Divas Defined organization. Imoh is a life coach and a profound speaker, whose passion is to help females uplift themselves and radiate God’s given gift in them. Her vision to create Divas’ Defined began with the birth of her son in her single status.

The pain, rejection, denial, and resentment experienced during the initial stage of her son’s birth gave light to the disconcerting circumstances surrounding single mothers. Thankfully, Imoh had the support of her family members and this enabled her to see the need to revive the inner strength in women who have been demeaned either by rape, unexpected pregnancy, divorce, and abusive relationships.

Divas Defined is a social enterprise with a network of agencies and initiatives which focuses on personal development in people with emphasis on females. Its aim is to encourage, enhance and empower them to succeed in all life’s endeavour. Divas’ Defined has grown in response to the cry of emotionally drained women who have grown up to believe the norm of a negative life due to the negative experiences in their past. A growing number of young women and girls who are either experiencing difficulty progressing to adulthood or are already entangled in the trauma of sexual exploitation, abuse and trafficking should be enlightened on how the negative consequence of these experiences can affect their lives and they should be taught how to come out of these dramatic and troubling situations.