Our girlfriend of the month is Elizabeth Temitayo Faniro-Dada, a student of the University of Massachusetts, Armest. 
She  is the president and spokesperson for the Dada-Etti Child Care Organisation(DECCO); where her job involves directing the duties of other board members.

DECCO is a non-profit organisation set-up to reach out to the under-privileged children in Lagos, Nigeria. Their aim is  to each out to these children and show them the love and care they lack. DECCO believes that affection from those around these children would go a long way to enhance their maturity, as well nurture their talents.

DECCO also focuses on supporting the homeless shelters by raising funds for the homeless through fund-raiser events and donations from concerned citizens. The annual events involve youth participation in the fund-raisers.

Their mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of children primarily through series of fund-raiser events that would aid the needs of children in homeless shelters and orphanages.

Temitayo, the brain behind DECCO, attributes her focus and drive for this cause to her college experience in the United States, “When I moved to the United States to further my education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, I noticed a common attribute in character on the college campus. America taught me something: people who care do not sit up or look the other way; they roll up their sleeves and get involved through social activism, philanthropy, or civic engagement. These tools are within the reach of the common man and woman. Certainly, they are within the reach of the youths. Such a future is never complete, unless it is accompanied by appreciation of diversity, justice for all, and sympathy for others.” 

For more information visit their website:
http://www.deccoonline.org or check out their facebook page: dadaetticco@groups.facebook.com