Our Girlfriend of the month is Ufuoma Emerhor, a 28 year old social worker and CEO, of Fair Life Africa Foundation.

Ufuoma graduated from the Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K, last year, with a B.A in social work. After which, she returned to her home country Nigeria to settle and work.

In August last year, she began to write the business proposal for what is now known as Care Continuity Challenge Initiative (CCC Initiative). This is the first initiative of Fair Life Africa Foundation (FLA), a non-profit and non-governmental organisation that she set up in Lagos, with the support of her family and friends. FLA, as the name implies, is a vision for Africa, and she hopes it would spring up in another West African country within the first five years of the organisation's operation.
The organisation will establish social initiatives and programmes to address several issues in Africa, beginning with the phenomenon of the street child, through CCC Initiative.

Fair Life Africa began incorporation in January 2011, and has since held two programs.  The first was a much talked about Fun Feed, held on the 6th of February at Gbara-Lekki, with the poor community there. They fed over 220 children and also gave them a fun day, which included games, music and face painting for the children.  The second event was held on the 10th of May at Guiding Light Assembly for professionals and organisations concerned with orphaned and vulnerable children, particularly street children.  It was called the Street Child Awareness Seminar, and hosted over 60 organisations, including government ministries and departments concerned with the street child phenomenon. 
The outcome of that event is the Forum for Child Practitioners Concerned with Street Children, which will be a platform for collaborative working amongst professionals.

FLA has also been working with the street children who live and work at Kuramo Beach in Lagos, since February 2011. Their plan is to get to know the children more, understand the issues that concern them, and select from them up to 25 young children who they can begin to work with; either to return home, to support, or complete their education in a safe and child-friendly environment. Every Saturday, the FLA team visits the beach as part of their 'Breakfast and Talk' (B+T) strategy; where they often give out clothes to the children, as they are enabled by donors. On Children's Day, they had a special B+T, and fed 40 young boys, and also gave out sandals/slippers, as well clothes. They had planned a football match, but unfortunately, the rain prevented them.  Nevertheless, they hope to consistently engage the children in social activities as well, filling them with renewed hope and passion for life.

Their nearly completed office at Lekki, near Lekki Beach, Lagos, "would serve as a respite unit and centre for the first set of boys we take in, and it is our hope to work with the children and their families in the very near future" says Ufoma.

For more info on FLA, visit their website-
http://www.fairlifeafrica.org or look them up on facebook-www.facebook.com/fairlifeafrica