Saturday, June 14, 2014

Creating a good father- daughter relationship

Many girls are close to their mothers and that is understandable, but very few are close to their fathers .
Father’s day is around the corner and this is the best time to s work on creating a healthy father-daughter relationship.

It’s important to have a healthy relationship with one’s dad especially if your dad is still alive. Men usually have a shorter life span and many regret not bonding with their dads later in life.

The father is one of the most influential people in a girl’s life. A girl’s relationship with her father shapes her self-image, self-confidence, and her opinion of men.
 According to Michael Austin the editor of Fatherhood- Philosophy for Everyone "How Dad approaches life will serve as an example for his daughter to build off of in her own life, even if she chooses a different view of the world,"

It's true that some fathers have not being involved in the lives of their daughters and this makes it difficult for many girls to relate with their fathers, but it is better to also put effort in helping to foster a healthy relationship since it is so important.

One must realise that it is never too late and if one has had a very bad relationship in the past the first step after identifying the problem is to forgive.
After forgiveness, the next step is to find out what actually went wrong and try to amend if possible. If you had contributed in any way to the broken relationship try to put effort to stop whatever it is you do that creates the problem.

Find out what your dad likes. Father’s day is a good day to start again, find out more about your dad and buy him his favourite thing, or just buy him a simple gift you can afford with a card showing you appreciate him.

Spend time with your father this period; ask questions about his favourite things- this would make him know you care.
Create time to hang out with your dad, dads give very good advice especially when it comes to relationships, remember they were once young men too, they know all the tricks and can warn their daughters about them and  teach them how to identify real men.

Take out time daily to pray for your dad and once in a while call your dad and find out how he is doing. Reaching out is not always easy but it is worth it in the end.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Knowing Your Worth As A Woman!

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong? Like being someone else because you felt like being you just wasn’t good enough? At some point in every woman’s life there comes a time when you have to bank on your self-esteem to help your feelings of poor self-worth. For some women, self-esteem is shaped by beauty and even more commonly, the way we think men view us or respond to us. It’s not uncommon for women to define their worth by the level of interest from the opposite sex. Emotionally and physically, females of every specie have been known to seek the attention of males – it not only makes life more interesting but it is necessary for procreation and protection.

So if it is a given that most women need men to exist, how then does one define or establish your self-worth independent of a man’s attention? Although it’s never at the forefront of our minds, but the society constantly reminds us how important it is to have a man on your arm in order to feel complete. As soon as a girl is a certain age, she is required by the society to become a woman and to play the role of a woman. Marriage and the responsibilities that come with it become her main focus – without even knowing it, it becomes her reason for existing.

It’s great to be a woman and it’s even more amazing to feel needed or wanted. However, your worth as a woman should exceed desire or attraction from the opposite sex. One of the best ways to really establish your worth as a woman is to live for something bigger than you – it all starts with knowing who are, why you were created, understanding what your purpose is, identifying what your dreams are and creating goals which you can look forward to achieving.

This is never easy! Although, placing your worth in the reason for your existence ensures that you would hardly feel rejected. Change is the only constant thing in life, so what happens when the guy who used to tell you, you were beautiful starts to talk negatively about your features or ignore you? Automatically, you would feel like you’re not good enough. However, when you work hard at being a successful and purpose driven woman, you would be confident enough to know that any guy who wants to win your heart would have to step up because you deserve nothing but the best things in life!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What guys REALLY want!

“What do guys really want?” is one question or thought a lot of girls find it difficult to wrap their fingers around. The truth is that with varying experiences and changing times, it’s hard to tell what guys these days want when it comes to women. Several women have tried to create an image of what they think men want by looking to the media and subjecting themselves to a view that just may be one-sided. The shocking reality is that very few women actually know what guys really want.
The Girlfriends Team carried out a survey to find out what the criteria is for guys when it comes to choosing their ideal girl. Our survey also delved deeper into the common misconceptions girls have about guys. Here are the questions asked and the answers given by some of our respondents:

 1) How should your ideal woman/future wife be?
 2) What qualities do you think every woman should have?
 3) What are the common misconceptions that girls have?


1)   My future wife should be God fearing, intelligent, ambitious, caring, motherly......
2) Smart and independent
3) They expect a Mr. Perfect

1)   I would like my future wife to be simply responsible and content, be supportive and be ambitious.
2)   Important qualities in a woman: integrity, good track record, transparency
3)   It’s all about sex! - Guys actually look forward to more than sex these days and I'm sure it's been like that since the days of old as well.

        1&2) Pretty and have a wonderful character
3) It’s not all guys that say they love that you truly do.

     1&2) Honest, spiritual, understanding and a good sense of humour
    3) Every guy should be superman or rough around the edges. Every guy should have a lot of money


1&2) Every guy wants a good girl, a girl he can trust build a life with.
Some of us would like someone that we can talk to and pour out our insecurities to and she wouldn't start abusing us or something. We like very clean and neat women. Women that take care of themselves properly.
3) A misconception girls have is that we like crazy girls that are easy – Truth is we don’t like easy girls that almost everyone has done things with.

1&2) She must have the fear of God (I am not playing Church)
She must have proper home training. (You can't give what you don't have)
Decent in speech and dressing
A past I can accept. (Who am I to judge) still that's what I want.
She has to be beautiful enough for me. Attraction is important as well
Yes, before I forget, she must be content. I don't like materialistic women
and lastly, some goal or career, something she wants to achieve for the greater good and not just to proof a point

3) I'd say I think girls get it wrong when they dress indecently to attract guys. Sure they do attract guys, but the wrong kind of guys.
A guy can see you and think of you as a wife or see you and think of you as someone he just wants for the night just because of the way you're dressed.

Another misconception; all guys are not the same just like all lions are not the same, but you'd never dangle meat in front of any lion. Same goes for men. Even good men can do very stupid things. Doesn't mean they're now bad or they weren't good.

1&2) Honest, pure, kind, disciplined, funny, caring, God fearing
    3) All guys cheat and act badly, all guys are dishonest, and girls believe guys want bad girls.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Being Your Own Woman This 2014!

Being an independent strong and smart woman is in vogue every man wants a woman who has a mind of her own.
It doesn't mean being proud or rude it just means you know what you want and what you don't, it means you are assertive and purpose-driven.
Here are some steps to being a strong independent lady this 2014
-    Don't compare yourself to other women
Never compare yourself to any one- ''she has nicer legs than me, but i have a better shape'' either to flatter yourself or to make yourself feel bad. Your self-esteem and happiness should not depend on other people.
It's okay to have female role models but never let them make you feel insecure or inadequate. Find a strong female role model that inspires you.
Try not to compare yourself to celebrities, remember they are made to look perfect in magazines and on screen.
Always look your best and love being YOU.

-     Don't base your happiness on being in a relationship
Learn to love yourself before loving someone else.
No matter how bad you may think you need a relationship you need to wait for the right person. Someone who deserves you and would treat you like a princess that you are.
Ladies in relationships should examine their relationships from time to time and make the necessary decisions.
If you are in a relationship remember you have other aspects of your life to attend to (family, work, school) and attend to them.

-      Don't feel obliged to follow fashion trends
Use fashion to express your moods, style and creativity. Don’t just follow the crowd!
Make your clothes work for you, wear clothes that suit your body shape and size.

-       Protect your sexuality
At a point in every woman's life she encounters a man who wants to take advantage of her sexuality. It is important to say 'NO' to a man who is making unwelcome advances at you.
If a man forces himself one you need to let someone know about it so that necessary actions can be taken. If a man gets away with it he is likely to do it again.
Report sexual harassment at school or work.
-     Stay educated
Education gives you skills and knowledge not just for finding a career but it should reflect in your attitude to life and in the way you relate to people.
Being educated doesn't just involve formal education but keeping up with politics, science and technology and also reading widely. You should know a bit of everything.
Try answering this -
Is the sun a star? Yes/no

-        Stand up for yourself
Every woman has to learn to be assertive! It is totally different from being aggressive, you should be able to say 'NO' and stand your grounds.
If someone makes a sexist or inappropriate remark you should be able to let the person know he or she is wrong.
Let people know when they have wronged you say it politely and trash out issues rather than gossiping or keeping grudges.

-       Take care of your body
Your personal strength can be seen physically, mentally and psychologically.
You have to take care of your body.
Exercise for at least an hour every day, go for a walk, jog, or ride a bike.
Staying in shape improves your overall health, mood and energy level, which will improve overall performance.
Your diet should consist of fruits, vegetables, lean, proteins, whole grains, and some dairy.
Stay away from excess sugar.

-       Manage your finances
To be truly independent you need to pay for your own lifestyle so you don't have to depend on other people.
Spend your money wisely.
Keep track of your financial records to be able to spot any inconsistencies.
Prioritize your spending - your priorities should be food shelter and clothing and other things like vacations, concerts and expensive clothing are luxuries.
Learn to differentiate between necessities and luxuries.

-        Give to others
You don't have to be affluent to make a positive impact in your community.
Start small, you can volunteer at an NGO, for example- a soup kitchen or any other NGO that promotes ideas you are passionate about.
Practice acts of kindness -example: you see people in your neighbourhood with no shoes give them your old shoes that are still in shape, give beggars money, help people you come across.
Helping someone carry some boxes can brighten his/her day.

Source: how to be a strong independent woman-wiki how