Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What guys REALLY want!

“What do guys really want?” is one question or thought a lot of girls find it difficult to wrap their fingers around. The truth is that with varying experiences and changing times, it’s hard to tell what guys these days want when it comes to women. Several women have tried to create an image of what they think men want by looking to the media and subjecting themselves to a view that just may be one-sided. The shocking reality is that very few women actually know what guys really want.
The Girlfriends Team carried out a survey to find out what the criteria is for guys when it comes to choosing their ideal girl. Our survey also delved deeper into the common misconceptions girls have about guys. Here are the questions asked and the answers given by some of our respondents:

 1) How should your ideal woman/future wife be?
 2) What qualities do you think every woman should have?
 3) What are the common misconceptions that girls have?


1)   My future wife should be God fearing, intelligent, ambitious, caring, motherly......
2) Smart and independent
3) They expect a Mr. Perfect

1)   I would like my future wife to be simply responsible and content, be supportive and be ambitious.
2)   Important qualities in a woman: integrity, good track record, transparency
3)   It’s all about sex! - Guys actually look forward to more than sex these days and I'm sure it's been like that since the days of old as well.

        1&2) Pretty and have a wonderful character
3) It’s not all guys that say they love that you truly do.

     1&2) Honest, spiritual, understanding and a good sense of humour
    3) Every guy should be superman or rough around the edges. Every guy should have a lot of money


1&2) Every guy wants a good girl, a girl he can trust build a life with.
Some of us would like someone that we can talk to and pour out our insecurities to and she wouldn't start abusing us or something. We like very clean and neat women. Women that take care of themselves properly.
3) A misconception girls have is that we like crazy girls that are easy – Truth is we don’t like easy girls that almost everyone has done things with.

1&2) She must have the fear of God (I am not playing Church)
She must have proper home training. (You can't give what you don't have)
Decent in speech and dressing
A past I can accept. (Who am I to judge) still that's what I want.
She has to be beautiful enough for me. Attraction is important as well
Yes, before I forget, she must be content. I don't like materialistic women
and lastly, some goal or career, something she wants to achieve for the greater good and not just to proof a point

3) I'd say I think girls get it wrong when they dress indecently to attract guys. Sure they do attract guys, but the wrong kind of guys.
A guy can see you and think of you as a wife or see you and think of you as someone he just wants for the night just because of the way you're dressed.

Another misconception; all guys are not the same just like all lions are not the same, but you'd never dangle meat in front of any lion. Same goes for men. Even good men can do very stupid things. Doesn't mean they're now bad or they weren't good.

1&2) Honest, pure, kind, disciplined, funny, caring, God fearing
    3) All guys cheat and act badly, all guys are dishonest, and girls believe guys want bad girls.

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