Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Being Your Own Woman This 2014!

Being an independent strong and smart woman is in vogue every man wants a woman who has a mind of her own.
It doesn't mean being proud or rude it just means you know what you want and what you don't, it means you are assertive and purpose-driven.
Here are some steps to being a strong independent lady this 2014
-    Don't compare yourself to other women
Never compare yourself to any one- ''she has nicer legs than me, but i have a better shape'' either to flatter yourself or to make yourself feel bad. Your self-esteem and happiness should not depend on other people.
It's okay to have female role models but never let them make you feel insecure or inadequate. Find a strong female role model that inspires you.
Try not to compare yourself to celebrities, remember they are made to look perfect in magazines and on screen.
Always look your best and love being YOU.

-     Don't base your happiness on being in a relationship
Learn to love yourself before loving someone else.
No matter how bad you may think you need a relationship you need to wait for the right person. Someone who deserves you and would treat you like a princess that you are.
Ladies in relationships should examine their relationships from time to time and make the necessary decisions.
If you are in a relationship remember you have other aspects of your life to attend to (family, work, school) and attend to them.

-      Don't feel obliged to follow fashion trends
Use fashion to express your moods, style and creativity. Don’t just follow the crowd!
Make your clothes work for you, wear clothes that suit your body shape and size.

-       Protect your sexuality
At a point in every woman's life she encounters a man who wants to take advantage of her sexuality. It is important to say 'NO' to a man who is making unwelcome advances at you.
If a man forces himself one you need to let someone know about it so that necessary actions can be taken. If a man gets away with it he is likely to do it again.
Report sexual harassment at school or work.
-     Stay educated
Education gives you skills and knowledge not just for finding a career but it should reflect in your attitude to life and in the way you relate to people.
Being educated doesn't just involve formal education but keeping up with politics, science and technology and also reading widely. You should know a bit of everything.
Try answering this -
Is the sun a star? Yes/no

-        Stand up for yourself
Every woman has to learn to be assertive! It is totally different from being aggressive, you should be able to say 'NO' and stand your grounds.
If someone makes a sexist or inappropriate remark you should be able to let the person know he or she is wrong.
Let people know when they have wronged you say it politely and trash out issues rather than gossiping or keeping grudges.

-       Take care of your body
Your personal strength can be seen physically, mentally and psychologically.
You have to take care of your body.
Exercise for at least an hour every day, go for a walk, jog, or ride a bike.
Staying in shape improves your overall health, mood and energy level, which will improve overall performance.
Your diet should consist of fruits, vegetables, lean, proteins, whole grains, and some dairy.
Stay away from excess sugar.

-       Manage your finances
To be truly independent you need to pay for your own lifestyle so you don't have to depend on other people.
Spend your money wisely.
Keep track of your financial records to be able to spot any inconsistencies.
Prioritize your spending - your priorities should be food shelter and clothing and other things like vacations, concerts and expensive clothing are luxuries.
Learn to differentiate between necessities and luxuries.

-        Give to others
You don't have to be affluent to make a positive impact in your community.
Start small, you can volunteer at an NGO, for example- a soup kitchen or any other NGO that promotes ideas you are passionate about.
Practice acts of kindness -example: you see people in your neighbourhood with no shoes give them your old shoes that are still in shape, give beggars money, help people you come across.
Helping someone carry some boxes can brighten his/her day.

Source: how to be a strong independent woman-wiki how

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post and it was presented in an easy to read format and the advice are largely true.